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List of neve consoles

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When UA first embarked on modeling the 88RS console, we visited Skywalker Sound to get up-close-and-personal with Neve's "ultimate analog console. It was the first new Neve console design available in over twenty years.

Considered the ultimate console for modern features and reliability, the 88 Series is also heralded as one of the best-sounding large format consoles ever built —not only by the film community, but by audio veterans as well. Around the late s, the large format console as we know it began to appear. With the advent of the Integrated Circuit, channel count and routing flexibility were much improved over designs of the past and automation was finally a reality. SSL arguably dominated the large format console market for well over a decade with a line of highly intuitive, reliable, and full-featured designs that set the bar for every other company.

Neve conceived a large-format desk that claimed superiority in every way to the competition, and even harkened back sonically to the beloved designs of the early Neve company.

The highly popular 88RS was the result. The 88 series is the tool that the big boys have always wanted, as proven by its success. However, it should be noted that the Neve is a current Neve channel strip product that has the same key features and sound as its big brother with an acceptable footprint on the rack and on the wallet. The 88RS was built with surround recording and mixing in mind and its routing and automation features are excellent.

In some respects, the 88 series borrows from its earlier predecessor, the Neve V Series consoles, in terms of features and layout of the EQ and dynamics. Working your way down the signal chain of the channel, the first section found is filtering. The cut filters are 12dB octave lowpass and highpass filters, and are engaged by pulling the knob out.

Standard gate controls such as threshold and release are there, with a broad range of settings. For expander capabilities, the user turns the threshold fully counter-clockwise for a fixed expander. The ratio knob has a range of to infinity, and a pull control that allows a faster attack time.

Lastly, the 30dB makeup gain knob features a pull control, which engages a hard knee setting. The equalizer section can be switched before or after the dynamics section. With its endless list of features and the renowned Neve sound, the 88 Series has made its mark on music professionals throughout the world, and has certainly made remarkable advances on previous large-format consoles. I can say without reservation that the 88RS is the finest sounding analog console made today.

Learn how SOHN aka TophTayloruses UAD plug-ins and his Apollo x8p interface for his ultra-textured laptop symphonies and how he learned to embrace the "human element" in his recordings. The man who has mixed more 1 hits than anyone on what it takes to get your mixes moving together. The Legacy of the 88 Series Neve Console.

The cut filters of the Neve 88RS. Dynamics section of the 88RS. The 88RS EQ section. Read More.The recording industry is in a weird place right now. For years, we coveted analog hardware.

Walking into a proper studio felt like stepping into the cockpit on an alien spacecraft. There were knobs and switches and gauges everywhere.

VLOG 1: Testing the Genesys Black mixing console at AMS NEVE HQ!

It felt like a sanctuary for creativity. Things are different now. Many of us work on our laptops and mix in the box. Hit records are being made using Virtual Recording Studios that emulate the mic lockers of famous studios.

Neve was one of the first popular console manufacturers. The sound of their early consoles is engrained in countless hit records. Both models featured fixed frequencies on all four bands. For years, engineers used two of these units on their stereo buss. InNeve released an updated stereo version of the classic compressor, known as the Acustica Audio also has a handful of Neve-modeled plugins.

In addition to colorful, punchy sounding preamps, both desks included a versatile 4-band EQ module. The E Series desk used brown knobs for the low band, while the G Series used black.

Today, many pieces of outboard gear come in the form of series units. That technology was invented in by Automated Processes Inc. Over the years, API has put together a killer channel strip, starting with the c mic preamp. The high and low bands can be switched from shelf to bell shapes, and the HPF can be toggled in or out. Essentially, the bell becomes more narrow the more you cut or boost. So far, the only proper recreation comes from LSR audio. The UK was pumping out quality records in the 60s and 70s with some pretty unique sounds.

Much of that sound can be traced back to two studios. The consoles were described as having a musical, colorful and unusual sound. Pultecs are often described as natural, and musical. It features a low-shelf with 4 selectable frequencies, and adjustable boost and attenuation knobs. Similarly, the high-self has 7 selectable frequencies, and 3 separate selectable frequencies for the attention selector. Yeah, it makes more sense when you see it in action.

Of course, there are many more console manufacturers with their own unique sounds. SSL alone has over a dozen, each with their own quirks and charms.Clones can play games in two ways: through hardware or emulation. Hardware clones, like all official consoles, will work better than emulation-based consoles, so if the official console can play the game, the clone should too. However, even hardware clones are often not completely compatible with all games; many recent clones, particularly Famiclones and Mega Drive clones, incorporate the entire system into a single chip.

This is smaller, cheaper to produce and uses less power than a traditional clone, but is less compatible. Emulation-based consoles are not as reliable; furthermore, like in computer emulators, the game might not properly work, if at all e.

Somari 's ending. Many emulation-based Mega Drive consoles are produced by AtGames under official license from Sega, but are still generally considered clones as they do not use Sega's original hardware designs and suffer from compatibility and emulation quality issues.

Various different models of clones are available, which generally fall into the following categories:. These are designed to look like a standard console. Some use original designs, but many are modelled after either the console they are cloning, or another popular console such as one of the Playstation line.

As some clone designs have reduced in size, largely thanks to system-on-a-chip technology, clones have been produced that are entirely contained within a controller and connect directly to a TV. Some have a cartridge port, while others do not and restrict the player to whatever is built-in. Controller types are the most common Famiclones in Western Europe and North America due to the popularity of plug-and-play consoles.

Controller clones can often be found in Nstyle controllers, but have been produced in many different designs, including dance mats, guitars, steering wheels and karaoke microphones. These contain LCD screens and operate as a self contained handheld console. Some accept cartridges, others have built-in games only and no cartridge port. Clones with a cartridge port tend to be much larger than most handhelds, as they must be able to accommodate large cartridges originally designed for home consoles.

Some clones get around this limitation by using a smaller proprietary cartridge port; however this means you are limited to either using the clone maker's own cartridges or an often unwieldy adaptor. Most handheld clones have AV outputs, allowing you to use it with a TV as essentially a controller-type clone. Some hybrid systems exist which have the appearance of a handheld but only allow you to play the cloned console's games on the TV, while the LCD screen plays only simple "brick game" type games.

Resemble a standard PC keyboard and often marketed as low-cost computers. These are almost always Famiclones and are usually sold with a cartridge or built-in software containing a copy of Nintendo's Family Basic along with a simple word processor and typing games. Some have a user interface mimicking Windows, and many newer models are also shipped with a mouse.

They generally have no facility to save documents or BASIC programs, but some can be connected to a printer. Subor are known to have produced such Famiclones.The Neve console is universally considered to be one of, if not the best vintage Neve console for tracking and mixing. This unbeatable sonic combination made the capable of handling a wide spectrum of acoustic and electric musical genres, including rock, jazz, and classical.

The series consoles featured modular construction. Each section EQ, aux sends, routing module, etc. Much like Fender guitars made before the company was sold to CBS, the Neve series consoles, such as thebecame an endangered species when the Bonochord Group took the helm of Neve Electronics in Mr. Neve stayed on as a consultant until As such, corners were cut to keep costs down, usually in the preamps and transformers, which is where the sound of the series consoles lives.

Practically speaking, this meant that consoles such as the could accept higher input levels before distortion while also providing more gain than the modern desks. Due to the incorporation of dynamics per channel, automation, and sophisticated routing matrices, the new desks ran much hotter with rather large, current-hungry power supplies. This, in turn, meant that machine rooms and control rooms required non-stop air conditioning.

And, since heat is the enemy of electronics, the modern desks ate their capacitors so that regular maintenance was required. All of this contributed to higher operational costs and more downtime.

In contrast, the relatively modest power consumption and longer service life of the series consoles made them more reliable and user-friendly.

Rupert Neve Designs, Focal | AXPONA 2019

As a point of reference, you can say that the is asince they share exactly the same preamp, but with three high-shelf EQ frequency choices, a mid-band high-Q switch, and low-pass filter. Along with the additional frequency choices, the preamp section had a gain range up to 80dB, phase reverse, and EQ bypass.

The populated the consoles of renowned studios, such as Ocean Way, Avatar, Sunset Sound, and the personal studios of Daniel Lanois and Rick Rubin, to name a few. Illuminated press-button console switch routes all post-fade channel outputs to 4T mixdown section inputs; all eight auxiliaries available during mixdown.

High-quality microphone and amplifier can be switched to all auxiliary outputs, tape tracks, or to external output. Standard specification jack-points; all insertions at console line level, fully floating and balanced; patch-field can be integral, detached, or rack mounted. All channels and monitor tracks are provided with cut buttons with LED indicators.Resources Home : Funky Junk Guides : 4. Small Neve Classic Desks. The plot revolved around a guy who sailed his yacht through a radioactive cloud and awoke the next day to find he was several inches shorter — I guess the clue was in the title as they say.

As the days went on, he continued to shrink until in the final scenes he was reduced to battling spiders with a hatpin the size of a pikestaff. It all seemed quite logical to my six-year-old eyes, and far from giving rise to arachnophobia or a dread of radioactivity, it put me off going to the movies with relatives; I was bored rather than frightened out of my childhood wits.

The modern recording industry reminds me of that film. Having cut my recording teeth in the wide open spaces of Rockfield and other sprawling studios in the s and s, I now inhabit an industry that more often than not defines a studio as a spare room or a rented rabbit hutch in a converted warehouse. Another implication of smaller control rooms is the need for smaller and more compact equipment, particularly when it comes to recording consoles.

Many engineers and producers want to base their rigs around a console, for a number of reasons. However, it is hardly surprising that demand for top quality used small format desks is currently growing by the month.

Those most in demand include. Neve desks from the s have trebled in price in recent years and are becoming extremely hard to find. If money is no problem, then these consoles offer a superb sound, even though some facilities may be basic.

But the lack of direct outputs seriously limits usefulness. These are currently overpriced and overhyped. All in all, an incredibly desirable small desk but my oh my, the price has gone berserk in recent years.

But it does. Are you looking to record or impress the neighbours? In the early s Neve produced a compact broadcast desk called the 54 series. Available in eight portable usually 8 or desktop 8 or 12 but sometimes larger these were budget consoles designed largely for OB use. As opposed to the discrete i. Although the mic preamps are OK, I would personally urge potential buyers to check the desk out before committing hard —earned bucks on the basis of the Neve name.

Funky Junk Guides. Search for:. Small Desks — Neve. It is highly cost-effective. It provides an excellent centrepiece for the studio, with all important facilities in easy reach It gives the studio a professional feel and appearance Invariably a high quality used desk offers superb value for money when compared with a comparable selection of mic preamps, eq etc.

Current Analogue Consoles.Joe Albano on Jul 16, in Audio Hardware 0 comments. Along with the many software simulations of classic pieces of analog outboard gear—the virtual Pultecs, Fairchilds, LA-2As, s, and the like—the classic consoles of the analog era are also a popular target for virtual emulation. No discussion of classic analog consoles would be complete without a mention of the SSL series boards that set the standard for studios in the 80s.

The E and G the standard for large-frame consoles, with their parametric EQ and full Dynamics sections. The sound of the EQs in these boards are one of the main draws for those who turn to modern emulations—since the behavior and character of the E-series and G-series EQs differed slightly, most models include both, providing SSL aficionados with as much flexibility as they could want.

The employed transformers and a diode bridge for a distinctive edgy yet warm sound, and thick, creamy compression characteristic, and a large number of both virtual models and hardware emulations are proving popular with those looking for that unique sonic signature.

TG-series component emulations are available in both hardware form, from Chandler, and software, from Waves, both in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios. Of course, there were many other fine analog consoles back in the day, and quite a few of them are also found as virtual emulations, for those who remember the originals and crave a little bit of that classic sound and vibe. Transformers and a quirky EQ gave Helios boards a distinctive quality, and this is reproduced in several plug-in versions, including offerings from UAD and Waves.

The Legacy of the 88 Series Neve Console

Emulations from Softube and UAD capture their particular sound. Harrison consoles may also have not been as widely known, but were and are well-respected—the company currently offers not only hardware products but their own software console. More articles by this author. Joe is a musician, engineer, and producer in NYC.

He's also taught all aspects of recording and music technology at several NY audio schools, and has been writing articles for Recording magaz Read More. Create an account or login to get started! Audio is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers.

Log In Create Account. A NonLinear Educating Company. The sound of these legendary consoles can be heard on countless classic albums spanning many genres.Recording Consoles. Acoustic Treatment.

list of neve consoles

Active Monitors. Cable - Multi Pair. Cable Premade. Cable Raw. Cardioid Mic. CD Recorder. Center Section. Channel Strips. Clock Generator. Computer Accessories. Computer Audio. Condenser Mic. Console Accessories. Control Surfaces. Digital Consoles. Digital Delay. Digital Interface. Digital Mastering Processor. Digital Recorders. Digital Reverb.

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Direct Box. Dynamic Mic. Graphic EQ.

list of neve consoles

Guitar Processor. Hard Drive. HD Systems. ISO Rack. Knobs and Caps. Large Format Consoles. LE Systems. Line Mixers. Live Consoles. Live Sound. Main Monitor Systems. Mastering Consoles. Mic Accessory. Mic Stand.

list of neve consoles

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